Alisa Damaso


Valley Bred Podcast


Logo Design



Adobe Illustrator



Seeing a lack of diversity in podcasts about the San Fernando Valley, a group of friends started one about growing up Filipino American in the "Great One Eight" (the original area code for SFV cities is 818). Valley Bred Podcast is hosted by This Filipino American Life's Elaine Dolalas, along with co-hosts Krizia and Harold from podcasts The Dorkiest Timeline and 2 Fanboys and a Filthy Casual, as well as producer Mike.

I designed the logo for Valley Bred and provided responsive lockups, along with a punny pandesal illustration to go with them. Key personality traits of the podcast were nostalgic, friendly, fun, Pinoy, and troublemakers. I came up with three different design directions based on these keywords, and in the end, the team chose to merge elements of two of them.

This was a super fun project for me to work on for obvious reasons, myself being a Filipino American who grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Check out Valley Bred on Spotify.

Working with Alisa for the Valley Bred Podcast logo was superb. She valued our authenticity and need to incorporate our Filipino American background into our brand. Alisa's knowledge of the San Fernando Valley and our team's ethnic background made her the perfect person to develop our logo.

Elaine Dolalas, Co-Host