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Mayors for a Guaranteed Income is a network of mayors advocating for a guaranteed income to ensure that all Americans have an income floor.

The feature-length documentary, It's Basic, directed by Marc Levin and executive produced by MGI Founder Michael Tubbs, made its global premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in June 2023. The film explores the power of cash, the importance of dignity, and the ongoing work of providing an income floor through the perspective of guaranteed income recipients.

For the next 16 months, MGI is taking It's Basic on a national tour, hosting screenings of the film, panel discussions, and community conversations with local leaders, guaranteed income recipients, and constituents. MGI needed branding for the tour on a tight deadline, and wanted a look that resembled the gravitas and inspiration of vintage political posters. I was delighted to find typefaces that were inspired by vintage protest signs, which work perfectly with the subject matter of this movement. A weathered texture and halftone treatment for images resemble old newsprint and add to the vintage look of the flyers, and brushstrokes bring a human element to it all.

I'm honored to have worked on this project, as I believe wholeheartedly that everyone deserves to live a healthy and fulfilling life, and a guaranteed income is a colossal way to help lift families out of systemic poverty and transform society for the better.

Designed in collaboration with Cultivate Strategies.