Alisa Damaso


Capitol Corridor


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Art direction for Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority media and brand campaigns from 2017-2021.

Capitol Corridor is a convenient high-speed, inter-city Amtrak train network serving commuters and recreational riders from the Sacramento Valley to San Jose, providing rider-friendly, convenient and affordable transportation.

:MINT and Capitol Corridor have partnered through many campaigns, and a recent refresh allowed us to explore a fun new way to speak to its commuters. Through static and animated cartoon characters, we tell riders unique stories of train travel and what it means to them.

With a strategy of developing customized campaigns for each target market in the Bay Area using digital media, digital out-of-home, and radio, the 2019 media campaign resulted in a 55% increase in online revenue, 15% increase in overall website traffic, and 45.7 million delivered impressions.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, as ridership went down, we took the opportunity to develop a positive, colorful brand awareness campaign and applied it to Capitol Corridor's evergreen brochure and out-of-home media. We also continued with messaging using the cartoon characters to let riders know about enhanced health and safety protocols.

Developed at Creative:MINT in collaboration with media strategists at EXL Media.

Having spent years working with Alisa, I can sincerely affirm that she has a wonderful, creative talent. Time and time again, I’ve been delighted by the various graphics, animated visuals, and advertising campaign creative that Alisa has been able to deliver — the final products are always distinct, full of personality, and leave a lasting impression. She is an absolute joy to work with and I appreciate that she understands how to navigate challenging timelines with ease.

Marques Cook, Marketing & Relationships