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Partners in Social Transformation supports individuals and teams experiencing periods of crisis, transition, or growth and focuses on working with new and emerging QTBIPOC leaders and nonprofit executive directors. PST offers healing-centered, trauma-informed coaching and consulting to support social movement leaders, healers, and practitioners who want to live and work in alignment with their values.

The idea behind the logo is to create a feeling of safety, community, and sustainability. We are all interconnected in our work toward social change. Like woven threads in a tapestry, we build a strong foundation for one another by showing up and doing the work together.

PST's logotype is inviting and friendly, which reflect's its non-judgmental and supportive approach to their consulting practice. A soothing color palette indicates a brand that is caring and patient. Clean iconography and simple repeat patterns represent safety and equality, while hand-drawn elements denote PST's flexibility and playfulness amongst it all.

Alisa was kind, patient, and proactive throughout the process of creating a brand and logo design for my nonprofit consulting business. As someone with very little insight into the design world and creative process, Alisa was able to walk me step-by-step through the process and provided accessible prompts to guide me in making some branding choices. Alisa was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to other solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, social movement organizations, and campaigns for design projects!

Tracy Zhao, Founder