Alisa Damaso


My Taropist™️


Logo Design


Adobe Illustrator



My Taropist™️ provides intuitively-guided tarot card readings and advice for people on their healing journeys. Its signature spread, the My Taropist™️ Session, borrows from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and provides an overall energy check in addition to practical tips that help with emotional regulation, interpersonal skills, and mindfulness. 

My Taropist™️ believes in holistic forms of therapy and considers the Tarot to be a powerful tool to provide guidance and clarity, thereby empowering people to follow their own intuition and make informed decisions that help them grow and create the best possible outcomes in their lives.

When the owner of My Taropist™️ Jessica Jones told me about her new business, I loved the idea. She wanted her logo to make her audience feel peaceful and joyful, so I used three cards from the Major Arcana that emanate light: Star, Moon, and Sun (which can mean action, readiness, and accomplishments, respectively). I created the logo in several lockups for multi-platform use. Animation by Brand Star.