Alisa Damaso


The Sarap Shop







As an American-born daughter of immigrants from the Philippines, my dad’s cooking was a meaningful way for me and my brothers to connect with our family’s heritage and culture. So I was more than excited to work with The Sarap Shop on their October 2020 Sauce Kit.

The Sarap Shop celebrates Filipino flavors with their delicious menu that includes meat- and plant-based rice bowls, pita sandwiches, salads, and weekly specials. I am inspired by their amazing work in the Filipino Food game and how they’re revolutionizing the idea of Filipino Food with their bold, creative recipes. It is so cool to see such fun, modern, and healthier ways to enjoy these familiar flavor profiles that bring me back to my childhood, family gatherings, and special moments with my parents. 

The Sarap Shop’s Sauce Kit includes three 9 oz. bottles of their original plant-based sauces. Each kit comes with recipe and activity cards, which are created in collaboration with artists for each run. For my kit, I illustrated a custom piece, Isang Bagsak, commemorating Filipino American History Month, and The Sarap Shop developed a recipe based on one of my favorite dishes, arroz caldo.

When coming up with this custom illustration, I wanted to honor and thank the Fil-Am heroes who came before us. I thought about how significant our manongs were in helping provide food and nourishment for the United States as farm and cannery workers, and how instrumental they were in igniting the fight to unionize farm labor. 

"Isang Bagsak means 'if one falls, we all fall' and represents solidarity in our similar struggles and experiences, honoring the spirit that we rise and fall together." Pin@y Educational Partnership

“We had the opportunity to work with Alisa on artwork for a recipe card set during the pandemic. We were working on a tight timeline, which can be stressful for everyone on a creative project, but Alisa made sure everything was seamless. She quickly spun up on the brief and provided structure during kickoff, setting solid expectations on what’s possible within the timeline. We adore her level of craft and commitment to community — she brought ideas that integrated cultural context related to the project and our brand personality. And what we appreciated most was how Alisa made the review and feedback process very comfortable and welcoming. That’s not easy to do, especially with a new client relationship! We can’t wait to work with her again.”

Kristen Brillantes, Co-Founder & CEO